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Jury Trial Scheduled for 2/7/2024

Jurors in Groups 9, 10, & 11 are required to appear on Wednesday, February 7th by 8:15 AM to the Division 1 Courtroom, which is located on the first level of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center at 111 E 11th St in Lawrence, Kansas.

Bringing your own water is both allowed and encouraged as long as it is kept in a container with a lid.

Jurors in these groups who fail to show up at their scheduled times may be held in contempt of court.

Thank you.

No Jury Trials 2/5/2024

The Jury Service Period for all February 5th to February 16th jurors has now begun.

There are no jury trials scheduled for Monday, February 5th.

All active jurors please call the Jury Service Line again on Tuesday, February 6th after 5:30pm to find out if you are needed to appear on Wednesday, February 7th.

If this message has not been updated at that time, no groups have been called.

Thank you.

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